Areas of Practice

Aligning Leadership Teams

Leave a legacy of inclusion through
EDI leadership mindset and practices.

The growth and success of organizations is linked to the acumen and competencies of its leaders, and the alignment of team members. The successes of EDI-focused organizations, depend on the cultural literacy and emotional intelligence of their leadership teams across all levels of the organization. AAG partners with leaders to map out professional development strategies to advance and embed a EDI mindset to achieve organizational goals. AAG collaborates with leaders in small teams and large groups for their own preparation to be inclusive leaders. In turn, these leaders can communicate and model to their units the goals and expectations of the organization’s EDI strategy.

Process and Action: Implementation


  1. Create a vision for equity for organizational prosperity.
  1. Learn to practice inclusive leadership.
  1. Distribution of power – recognize and learn to work through power dynamics.
  1. Build empathy and trust.
  1. Align your team through knowledge-building about personal, organizational, and societal culture.
  1. Identify defenses and other emotional barriers to being an inclusive workforce.
  1. Be intentional about changing structural inequities to have a healthy workplace climate.
  1. Examine and enhance your communication practices to create inclusive work environments.
  1. Become an ally to one another.
  1. Create a plan for a sustainable EDI-centered workplace with accountability measures.