Organizational<br>Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Initiatives

Whether an organization is looking to retain employees or college students, understand how to reach identity-specific markets, or decide what services to add and repurpose, data talks.

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Higher Education<br>Leadership Development

Higher Education
Leadership Development

Being prepared is essential for all institutional leaders in order to respond to crises and unexpected situations with logic, data, and deliberateness.

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The Latina/o Quotient<br>in the 21st Century

The Latina/o Quotient
in the 21st Century

Numerically, Latinas/os (Hispanics), are the largest ethnic minority population in the U.S. with huge implications for education, employment, and consumerism.

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Leadership & Coaching<br>for Women and People of Color

Leadership & Coaching
for Women and People of Color

Women, women of color, and persons of color are underrepresented in senior administrative roles across multiple industries. To change this reality requires several outcome-oriented strategies.

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