Why Coaching?

Are you or do you know individuals who are:

  • Stuck and unmotivated? Feeling non-productive
  • Seeking guidance to manage cultural issues in the workplace
  • Not confident about strengths and how to utilize them
  • Unsure about the next career direction or move
  • Struggling with productive interpersonal communication
  • Seeking guidance about managing more effectively

Coaching Scenarios

Where are you in your career journey?

Early Career

Landing the prestigious first job at the accounting firm seemed great. Now three years later, you are having doubts. Around you co-workers complain about the unhealthy work environment and if they could, they would leave. You recognize their complaints about gender, sexual identity, and racial microaggressions but wonder if it would be any different in another accounting firm. Personally, there have been comments and behaviors (e.g., a male counterpart saying, “I got this client for you, don’t worry about it.”) that made you question if people pushed you to the sidelines because you’re a woman. These situations were subtle, and yet uncomfortable. You are confused about your options. Perhaps you should follow your friend’s advice and speak with someone confidentially.


As a mid-career professional, you are wondering about the steps to the next position of responsibility. You witness the workload challenges of those in higher positions who routinely work 12-hour days and travel for work, even on weekends. There is one colleague who is in a similar work and family situation with you, but he seems to be able to “handle it all” and gets praised for it at work. You want to keep going with the company and balance your home responsibilities as well but do not know anyone at work who you feel you could trust to talk about this matter.

Senior Professional

Getting into the senior ranks was a life-time dream. The salary and benefits are great and so is your portfolio of responsibility. As the only woman of color at the top of the house you again feel the exclusion and tokenism you have experienced throughout your career. You are invited to all diversity-related events and often mentioned as the most important person of color in the company. You do not want to seem ungrateful but why are you the only African American woman who has gotten ahead? You also question your impact as a woman of color in a leadership role, because the company seems to care more about showing your face rather than supporting your initiatives to do real work for the clients and communities that you care about. The company espouses the importance of diversity and inclusion but you do not see it. Should you bring this up with your colleagues, your boss?

Considering Retirement

As a baby-boomer, you have thought about retirement for the last three years. You have had a fulfilling career as a university professor, but want to move on—but to what and how? On a regular basis, colleagues and family ask about your retirement plans but you have no ideas as yet. The AARP magazine offers many tips but the examples of what people are doing as retirees does not click for you. Now what?

We will listen and provide confidential feedback as you think through your next steps.

What is Coaching?

Coaching helps individuals to recognize their strengths and talents, patterns of behavior, and how to shift or adapt some behaviors to be more successful.

Coaching also engages clients in examination of workplace climate, structures, and operations and how these may affect optimal performance.

Coaching provides perspective-taking about issues, peers, and supervisors.

Coaching benefits career optimization.

Benefits & Outcomes

of Coaching

  • Finding solutions for career plans
  • Enhancing management and leadership capabilities
  • Not going it alone; having a collaborator
  • Recognizing strengths and building confidence
  • Objective, confidential opinion about work dilemmas
  • Moving forward with plans for personal and professional excellence

The AAG Coaching Roadmap

Getting Started

Getting Started

  • 30-minute complimentary session upon receipt of your form and submission of your resume
  • Communication between the client and coach are strictly confidential

Coaching Tasks

Coaching Tasks

  • Completing a written self-assessment
  • Sharing your resume
  • Goal-setting: What you want to accomplish
  • 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Homework

Coaching Process

Coaching Process

  • Clarifying motivating forces
  • Setting goals and outcomes
  • Completing communication and leadership assessments*
  • Affirming personal and professional competencies
  • Identifying emotional blocks
  • Planning for next steps

* Leadership assessment optional

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AAG Coaches

Dr. Patricia Arredondo

Dr. Patricia Arredondo

Dr. Patricia Arredondo, president of AAG has coached professionals in industries such as banking, healthcare, higher education, and the sciences. A licensed psychologist, she strives to empower her clients to consider goals, choices, and alternatives, and how to best meet their career plans. She has extensive experience coaching persons of diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Norman Anderson

Dr. Norman Anderson

Dr. Norman Anderson, AAG Senior Consultant has a special interest in using mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and one-on-one coaching to help established and emerging leaders perform at their best. As a Certified Professional Coach, he builds on his nearly two decades of experience working with and developing senior executives and leaders in complex organizations.

Dr. Linda Liang

Dr. Linda Liang

Dr. Linda Liang, AAG Senior Consultant has expertise in leadership and communication assessments. She uses data to inform individuals about their strengths and areas of improvement. An organizational consultant, she has worked with The Sara Lee Corporation, the National Science Foundation, Nation Pizza Products, and others.



University Administrator Testimonial

Navigating my leadership role as a professional female of color often feels lonely, foreign and unforgiving of diverse viewpoints and perspectives that don’t subscribe to the male-dominant culture in higher education. It’s not simply enough to show commitment, expert acumen and do an exceptional job.

Dr. Arredondo gave me a much-needed perspective and support to help me to stay confident and secure without getting distracted by people who do not share my values, work ethic or core beliefs. She provided informed and balanced coaching that motivated me to reflect, respond, and honor my professional and personal hopes and dreams, all while staying grounded in who I am.


Graduate Student

Throughout our mentoring sessions, Dr. Arredondo coached me through some very challenging issues that I encountered as a woman in a leadership position in academia. She helped me to think critically and reflectively about what my leadership skills and how I could draw on them to be effective in my position. Dr. A was instrumental in my decision to pursue my doctoral studies—she helped me build my self-efficacy tremendously and I doubt I would have applied to programs without her encouragement. I am graduating May 2019 at the University of Minnesota.

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