Areas of Practice

Executive Coaching for Women, Men, and People of Color Leaders

There are increasing opportunities for women and persons of color to be selected into leadership positions. Announcements to attract underrepresented leaders is commonplace in all industries, however, organizational  readiness may not be there. More often than not, women and persons of color are the “first” and with this circumstance, come unexpected opportunities and challenges. Leaders must navigate the legacy of a predecessor, personnel unrest because of COVID, and reactions because staff has never reported to a woman and/or person of color. AAG provides executive coaching for leaders to navigate new workplace terrain, enhance perspectives about different problematic situations, and  apply critical consciousness to read ambiguous scenarios.

The coaching process is  intended to affirm individuals’ strengths and and areas in need of improvement, to be supportive about attributions unfairly communicated because of one’s identities and how to manage these, and to recognize strategies to lead confidently.

The reality is that no one majors in “being a leader” in college, and no matter what kinds of experiences one may have had; being a leader is complex.

    Process and action:
    your personal advancement plan

    • Goal setting
    • Discovery—what matters to you
    • Leading with authority
    • Leverage strengths and weaknesses
    • Identifying skills gaps
    • Competencies—cultural and emotional
    • Manage and navigate workplace interpersonal challenges
    • Balance personal and life demands
    • Reaffirm inclusive identities
    • Infusing Inclusive leadership practices into everyday practices
    • Building Internal and external constituents