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Attracting and Retaining Latinx Talent

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Improving the Latinx Experience Within Higher Education

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As an organization that values and promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion, no matter if you are in higher education or in the corporate world, you understand the importance of putting the right initiatives in place to be response to the highly diverse Latinx population. Demographic trends predict that the education pipeline will be largely comprised of Latinx children who then become future college students, and eventually employees.

      • If you are in higher education, it may be putting in place a framework to recruit, mentor, retain, and graduate students, many who are first-generation.
      • In business, you will want to attract and retain Latinx talent.
      • As an organization, you will be looking to make emotional and personal connections with Latinx customers to increase market share.

Attracting and retaining Latinx Talent
in the Workplace
The Arredondo Advisory Group can consult with you to attract top Latinx talent. The Latinx experience within the workplace is unique. As such, we understand the top attributes Latinx talent values (as employees), and we can assist your company in both implementing these attributes and properly communicating these attributes by segment, such as gender, nationality, age, and profession, within the Latinx community. Latinx individuals possess intersection identities that cannot be overlooked including educational attainment, geographic origins, bilingual capabilities, and so forth. We will provide you with a toolkit of resources  to help you not only attract talent, but also help you develop, promote, and retain that talent.

Appealing to the Latinx Consumer

The Arredondo Advisory Group can help you connect with Latinx consumers  at an emotional and personal level. The Latinx experience in the United States is unique in that it encompasses many different nationalities and generations within the demographic. Latinx is not homogeneous. For example, you must appeal to Florida Latinx populations, which include Cuban American and Venezuelan, and Puerto Ricans in Central Florida, as well as third generation Mexican Americans in Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles. The gender factor is another important consideration when you think about the Latinx consumer. Our approach, which is grounded in multicultural and behavioral psychology, will allow you to make emotional connections within this diverse and complex market.

Improving the Latinx Experience
Within Higher Education

      • The Latinx-heritage population in the U.S. stands at 17% or 60 million
      • In Fall 2018, 13.8 million Latinx children were enrolled in pre-college schools, representing pipelines into higher education and second in number to white students at 23.8%. The total school enrollment was 50.7 million

The Arredondo Group recognizes that Institutions are very good at accepting Latinx students through their enrollment processes. However, there are often many challenges  in serving Latinx students once they are enrolled. In order to set up the Latinx student for success, institutions need to know how to create climates for learning and affirming of first generation students and to have responsive strategies in place for high achieving students. Different engagement strategies are required. Our proven Implementation Toolkit provides institutions with a roadmap that focuses on retaining and graduating Latinx populations.