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Women, women of color, and persons of color in general continue to be underrepresented in senior administrative roles across multiple industries. To change this reality requires several outcome-oriented strategies; among these are:

1Assessments for development of a coaching plan
2Instruction on culture-centered supervision for supervisors
3Individual coaching sessions for supervisees and supervisors
Leadership self-assessments among women tend to reveal that they:

Leadership self-assessments among women tend to reveal that they:

  • Do not see themselves as influential.
  • Give credit to others first in the spirit of being a team player.
  • Under-rate themselves while their peers and supervisors rate them higher.

Studies suggest that:

Studies suggest that:

  • Microaggressions in the workplace contribute to self-doubts about competence.
  • Women benefit from coaching and advice.
  • Women of color in the workplace experience more exclusionary practices.

(Holder, Jackson & Ponterotto, 2015)

Ascend to

New Leadership Responsibilities

A certificate program for leadership development to prepare underrepresented women and men for senior administrative positions in higher education is available through AAG partnerships with institutions of higher education. This 12 month competency-based program engages individuals with the knowledge to lead change, manage challenging processes, and assume new leadership responsibilities in the changing landscape of higher education.

The program can be adapted for individuals in the private sector. Foremost in this regard is a focus on women’s leadership. Programs are customized to meet the priorities of an individual organization.

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