Linda Liang, PhD


Dr. Liang specialties are leadership competencies, assessment and development as well as executive coaching.  She has expertise in conducting equity analyses in the DEI space in Fortune 100 companies, government entities and utilities.  Linda has over 25 years of experience in corporate and higher education settings.  She is adept at getting to the root of organizational issues, helping organizations to build their leadership bench, and coaching executives for power and influence. She is wise, warm, and sometimes tough.  Her coachees say “Linda gave me a mirror by which I could see myself.”


  • Over 25 years of corporate and higher education experience, including being a Division Director of Compensation for a Fortune 500 company, and a Department chair for a PhD. Program in Organizational Leadership.
  • Former Manager of a consulting practice area at Ernst & Young
  • She is a leadership assessment expert with certifications in the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360, The Hogan Leadership Series, Emotional Intelligence Quotient, Change Leadership Assessment and the DiSC Profile.
  • Coached over 100 professors and leaders in the STEM fields in higher education to recognize and fully utilize their leadership strengths, through a grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • She is a warm, wise, and insightful executive coach, focusing on power and influence, working with a difficult team, building confidence, maximizing leadership strengths and handling perfectionism.
  • Linda is good at thinking on her feet and is fun! She graduated from all six levels of improvisation at Second City Chicago and has appeared on stage.