Inspirations for Today and Tomorrow: Embarking on a New Decade

For many years, I have sought out writings and proverbs that inspire, motivate, and provide wisdom in the midst of managing multiple priorities, particularly my daily work routines. Creating space to clear my mind is not a matter simply of closing my eyes; getting centered and re-centered must be intentional. To this end, I have found many inspirational writings that relate to women’s leadership, managing change, being optimistic, and finding common understanding in cross cultural relationships.

Historic and contemporary voices particularly of individuals who have transcended adversity and multiple life challenges, such as Nelson Mandela, serve to temper what I might consider to be a tough day I might have had. In this first 2020 commentary, I will share inspirations for today and tomorrow in the form of proverbs, philosophical thoughts, and reflections from a range of individuals. I hope these will be useful to you as you embark on a new decade.

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