After the domestic terrorist events of January 6th, 2021, now more than ever, workplace initiatives to advance workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist practices should be fortified. We urge organization leaders to revisit their diversity mission statements to ensure that they are being enacted. Invest in creating cultures of inclusion, a sense of community, and success for all employees that will be sustained over time.  Intentional strategies to create safe, respectful, and inclusive workspaces must continue. 

Additionally, let us not forget that making time to talk about the meaning of January 6th is important for healing.   Many of us were busy working on this day and for several tortuous hours, we witnessed the senseless destruction of national treasures and later, the selfies of those who had violated personal offices with their self-righteous images posted via social media along with visuals of white nationalism and bigotry throughout. Those startling images of violence, flagrantly challenging authority, our civility, and democracy, are ones that will be talked about in many workplaces in the weeks to come.  

Individuals have shared with me the trauma, anger, and sadness they felt and continue to feel having witnessed these images. There is a need for courageous conversations to help to heal from these attacks that go beyond political partisanship. Actions matter. This is the time for each of us is to be change agents, to assume responsibility in the workplace for respect, civility,  and empathy.  Let us support one another in healing and restoring trust in our collective humanity.