Stop Asian Hate

Stop the Anti-Asian Racism

On March 16th, 6 women of Asian descent were murdered at their place of employment in Atlanta. These heinous crimes cannot go unnoticed. It has been reported that in 2020, anti-Asian racism and violence has soared with nearly 4000 incidents reported and continuing (Fang, March 16, 2021). Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) were publicly blamed for the COVID-19 virus by the president of the United States with derogatory references to the Chinese virus. According to Human Rights Watch (2021), attacks on Asians increased during the COVID quarantine period. The visibility of individuals of Asian heritage makes them defenseless targets for random violence. Ms. Fang reports that in 2021, 503 incidents have been reported with violent assaults that led to the deaths of seven elderly individuals. The anti-Asian racism and violence must stop.

Many of us have colleagues, friends, and family members of Asian descent (i.e., Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, East Indians, Vietnamese). In the workplace, we must appreciate the fears and stress our co-workers must be experiencing on a daily basis. Do perspective-taking—how would you feel if you were your Asian colleague? Are you avoiding Chinese restaurants?

This is a time for thoughtful communication about this national anti-Asian racist wave of hate and violence. Stand together with your colleagues and voice your care and support.

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