Pride and Coming Out Month in October are special times to recognize the LGBTQ+ community internationally. Parades take place across the world and Pride flags wave proudly. Attention is often given to the gay man or woman and we celebrate how they continue to transcend homophobic challenges in many forms. At Gay Sons and Mothers, we also elevate the mother and her gay son.

Gay Sons & Mothers is a non-profit with three purposes—education and training, support groups, and engagement with community organizations. Rick gives presentations in the workplace, university, and other venues. Gay sons and mothers are in all walks of life.

Research we have conducted over the last 3-4 years has yielded affirming findings: 1) We learned about the mother’s intuition about her son’s inner turmoil about his sexual identity and her struggles as well to affirm him and disregard negative familial, religious, and societal messages; 2) Sons describe their mother as being a central figure in his development because she allowed him to be the person he was instead of forcing him to change, even if she I didn’t know he was gay; 3) Sons affirm their mother’s steadfast support and that she is the consistent ally in their lives; 4) Although mothers may not recognize it, sons see them as a “savior”.We invite you to tune into interviews on our website:

In the past five years, the organization has established a signature program Mothers who Inspire, computing the voices through videos, of mothers and sons who share their journey and supportive relationship. Rick has interviewed Judy Shephard and Kelly Rippon, whose public personas elevate awareness of the power of the relationship between gay sons and their mothers. All mothers have their unique story and we continuously seek more voices (visit our Mothers who Inspire tab on the website); we invite you to share your stories.

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